Find a Civil Mediation provider

Find a Civil Mediation provider

This search will return a list of civil mediation providers working in your area (even if their listed address is outside your area).

All the mediation providers listed are accredited by the Civil Mediation Council, and employ local, professional and experienced mediators.

This service provides members of the public and businesses with a simple low-cost method of resolving a wide range of civil disputes out of court.

The fees opposite are based on the total value of the dispute (claim plus any counter-claim) and the time the mediation is expected to take. Extension fees are chargeable for any extra time agreed by the participants. There may also be venue hire costs, although these are often avoidable.

If you are a provider and would like to join this website, please contact for an application form. The directory is updated annually.   The cut off date for 2012 has passed and the Ministry of Justice will be taking no new applications until 2013.


On contacting your chosen provider it is important that you inform them that you have located their details via the online directory of civil mediators. In quoting this information the services will be provided on a fixed-fee basis.

If you would like to know more about mediation, please go here.

The cost of mediation via the online directory service

Mediation costs via the online directory
Amount you are claiming Fees per party Length of session
£5000 or less* £50 + VAT £100+ VAT 1 hour
2 hours
£5000 to £15,000 £300 + VAT 3 hours
£15,000 - £50,000** £425+ VAT 4 hours

* The mediator/mediation provider should agree in advance whether this should be dealt with in one or two hours. For the one-hour rate the option is available to facilitate settlement over the telephone if appropriate, and if the parties agree.

** If the claim is for more than £50,000, the fees will need to be agreed with the organisation providing the mediation.


The LawWorks charity provides free mediation to those who cannot afford to pay.

To find out more go to LawWorks or telephone 01483 216 815, the Mediation Telephone Line, where you leave a message and they will ring you back with information about mediation and LawWorks Mediation. .